Friday, October 8, 2010

Pasties, Y'all!

Making Pasties with MICA Burlesque!!!

1. Take a circular template slightly larger than nipple diameter and cut it out of the craft felt.

Cut a "Pac Man" shape out of the form. Be sure your first cut goes to the middle of your circle. If you want tassels cut a small portion out of the center for the eyelets.
Hold the two sizes together to make a little cone. Trim as needed and sew the two sides together.

2. To make a fabric cover for your pasties, cut a fabric swatch a little larger than your original circle. It should be large enough to fold over the underside, but do not create too much excess (bulky pasty = awkward). Make a small dart the size of the felt cutout in the fabric, don't forget to also cut out your grommet hole if you are adding tassels.
Spread fabric glue on the top of the felt.
Line up the center of the fabric with the center of the base. Fold a part of the fabric over to the underside and start sewing. If you really have a lot of excess fabric inside trim it off.

3. Insert your eyelets according to instructions on the packaging. Put the larger side on the outside of your pasty.

Insert your tassel through the front hole and sew to the inside of the base.

4. Pasties be covered with sequins instead of fabric, this is a far more time consuming, but very glittery method of covering. Sequins come in strands or loose. To sew loose sequins onto felt base without exposed thread stitch as follows:

a. Insert thread from back to front of base.

b. String sequin onto thread with concave side facing up. In other words, when flat against the felt base, the sequin will be “upside down” with the cupped side up like a shiny, shallow bowl.

c. Insert the sewing needle from front to back a half of a sequin width to the right of the original exit point of the thread. When you pull this tight, make sure to flip the sequin so the convex side is up.

d. The next exit point of the thread will be a half sequin length to the right of the first sequin. Again, string the sequin concave side up.

e. The entrance point to attach the next sequin is at the right edge of the previous sequin. Again, pull the thread tight and flip the sequin to face convex side up. It should overlap the previous sequin half way, covering the stitch attaching it to the felt.

f. Continue around the circle, each exit point of the thread will be a half sequin length to the right of the previous sequin and each exit point will be at the right edge of that previous sequin. This is very similar to a backstitch in embroidery.

Loose sequins can also be attached using a seed bead as a stopper.

Note: Pasties can be attached with several different adhesives. Double sided tape with work in a pinch. For more secure adhesives try eyelash glue, spirit gum, yes! paste, or a simple glue stick. Whatever you use be sure to pick something that is non-toxic!!!

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