Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At Your Leisure...


Also, Queens of Vintage is a British online magazine that features articles on vintage fashion, style, and beauty. They have some nice hair tutorials and other lovely things to look at.



I just realized i spelled our name wrong on the fucking thing.

...oh well.

So I made this flyer. Feel free to print it and slap it up wherever!


Hi! So here is the shift schedule again:

10:30 - 12:00 (set up) = MARLA & SARAH
12 - 2 = KATIE & MARIA

as well as the baked goods sign up:

Marissa: scones
Elyza: cupcakes
Cait: gluten-free cupcakes
Sarah: chocolate chip cookies
Katie: cheesecake brownie
Rachel: Snickerdoodles

REMEMBER! All baked goods need to be wrapped individually for the sale.

Student Activities should have ready for us a cash box w/ seed money to make change, a table, and two chairs. I have a table cloth that we can use! It's just a plain-ish white one though, if anyone has a more fabulous one, we could certainly use that.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Totally forgot to mention this last night. I talked to Mollie Little about MICArotica, and she is totally into working with us. She said she'd like to do a few publications this semester, but it may just be the one. So the question is, Do we want to try to get something in before the Big Show, to advertise? Or would we rather do a post-show thing next semester?

Also, any ideas for what we would like to do? Maybe a little info about burlesque/why we do it/who we are, and then some photos?

Monday, September 21, 2009

articles on burlesque

Here's a recent-ish article on the neo-burlesque movement: The big tease: Burlesque grows in popularity

Updates after our meeting w/ Kel & Karol

We just submitted an Event Request Form to have "The GalHaus Revue presents: The Big Show" on Saturday, January 30th, 2010.

At our meeting with Kel and Karol, Kel basically made it very clear that a show in BBOX this semester just wouldn't be possible, let alone one show this semester AND a show next semester. Kel agreed with us that Falvey would definitely be way too big of a venue for our show. This seems to be our best option - further into the semester, a lot of events get going and the first two weekends into the semester were open, so we chose the later one.

We were also told that in order to have a show at BBOX, we need a person to be a stage manager, one person to be a tech person, and at least two people to run doors. I think this will be manageable between members in the group/people interested in being involved but not performing. Kel also said he could suggest some people as far as tech goes and stuff.

Having one show this year may make more sense for us anyways, since we are still starting out. We'll have more time to prepare, more workshops, more rehearsals. Midterm is still the same date, though.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meeting Minutes, 9/20


1. Fundraiser ("Pastries & Pasties") is Monday, October 5th, 11 AM - 4 PM. Below is a schedule of time slots for manning the table, please sign up for a slot to work. We're aiming for two girls at the table at a time, but of course, more are welcome.

10:30 - 12:00 (set up) = MARLA & SARAH
12 - 2 = KATIE & MARIA

Here are baked goods assignments that we talked about at the meeting:
Marissa: scones
Elyza: cupcakes
Cait: gluten cupcakes
Sarah: chocolate chip cookies
Katie: cheesecake brownie

Everyone should try to make at least two pasties each. Easy peasy. Any left over pasties/pasties we continue making over the semester we can sell at the boutique I work at (and we can also get away with pricing them higher at the boutique!)

2. THE BIG SHOW: We're aiming for the weekend before Thanksgiving (Friday 11/21 or Saturday 11/22). We're also aiming for the BBOX, but our only other option is probably Falvey. I know, I know, it's big and scary, but we can do it if we have to.

ALSO: Because venues are booking fast, we had to decide our spring date. It's April 24. We will update with what venue we have.

3. MID TERM: Your midterm reports are due 10/11. You need to have prepared in a blog post (since it's likely not everyone will be able to make a physical meeting):
-description of your proposed performance.
-description of your costume & any related props.

This mid term is just to really really really make sure that anyone who is performing knows what they're doing and what they need to make before the performance.

4. SVA MEETING: Sarah has delightfully volunteered to be the GalHaus Revue representative at the SVA meeting this Wednesday. That's 9/23, 2:30pm, Main 160

5. Next general meeting: 10/4 @ Marissa's apartment at the Avalon. 1701 Linden, 2B.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cheap corsets

i just bought a corset from here and i couldn't be more pleased! it was only 21 dollars and it's not half bad as far as corsets go. check it out!

Trixie Show @ Ottobar, 9/19

There's a Trixie Little show at the Ottobar this Saturday night!
(although I'm not going because I'm going to a psychadelic-themed T. Rowe Price party. Bahahaha.)

Here's a link:
$15 at the door.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MEETING Sunday, Sep. 20


It's time for another meeting. Sarah and I just had a fruitful meeting with Karol at Student Activities and we have information to share and discuss!

I can host again. 7:00 pm, 1513 Park Ave, apt 3. I think I still have those beers Marla brought over in a plastic bag. I encourage you to bring light snacks and beverages.

-Wendy Beddable

Gilded Lily Halloween Show

Last night at Dr. Sketchy's the announcement was made that Gilded Lily will be hosting an event on October 31st I believe at Load of Fun. Halloween + burlesque = amazingness. There isn't any official information out about this event, so expect an update in the near future.

Speaking of Dr. Sketchy's, it takes place every 1st and 3rd Monday at the Wind Up Space. 3ish hours of life drawing for $7 is not too shabby. PLUS, there was fringe and top hats and free shots for silly contest winners!


Alex mentioned he was talking to Mollie Little, who is the one starting up the MICArotica publication, and The GalHaus Revue came up. Mollie said she's be interested in maybe featuring us in one of their magazines! I'll talk to Elle Perez about it when I see her on wednesday (she's dating Mollie, and maybe she could take photos of us, she is AWESOME). But yeah, how do you all feel about that? I'll let you know when I find out more =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pasties Workshop!

hello Lovelies,

I am able to host our Pasties workshop on the 26th (as I have a NYC trip next Saturday). My house sound good to all of you? 1600 Park Ave, apt. 2! 7:30PM! Bring any decorative ribbon, beads, sequins, and other snazzy items you might want to use. And snacks.

Also, Paco Fish was interested in attending. Any objections to that? Lemme know!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Case you didn't Know Already... Annie Sprinkle Lecture

Annie Sprinkle is less a burlesque star a more a, uh, well, she did some porn and got a Ph.D and is a performance artist and what not now. Girl could cinch a waist back in the day though. Anyway, she'll be speaking in the BBOX on Wednesday the 16th at 2:30pm and there will be a performance piece afterward. The program is titled:
My Life as a Feminist Porn Activist: An Intimate, Informal Show and Tell Evening with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D
Should be sexy. PLUS, my very introverted, neanderthal-looking cousin interned at the Library of Congress this summer and gave the very Annie Sprinkle a tour and glimpse into the back archive of burlesque footage so we can all lolz about the potential interaction of these two:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


eBay: an obvious place to check for cheap bulk supplies. True story: 100 yds of single-strand gold sequins for $15. That's $0.15/yd, compared to most fabric stores retail of $0.70/yd.
A Fabric Place: The only other fabric store I know around here aside from Joann's.

Daily Burlesque, by Jo Boobs
The Candy Pitch, has great profiles on many, many, MANY current performers.