Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm going to Joann's this Sunday (11/1), probably around 11 AM-ish. I have a 20% off total purchase coupon, so we could put all our stuff together and save da money.

Any takers? You leave comment or text me, yes.

edit: I also just got a 50% off one regular-priced item. This is handy if you plan on buying one expensive thing.

Also, if you google "Joann's printable coupons" you can most likely find a 40% off single item coupon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Costume workshop = CANCELLED!

howdy y'all,
The workshop originally planned for tomorrow evening in my studio is canceled because I want to go to the Halloween parade. Any questions about costumes and you can email me! Sorry, it's just too fucking awesome to miss.

Friday, October 23, 2009


So, Tiff and I found this at Target today. We purchased it.

Performance Lineup

hey girlies!

As things stand, here are some details about the way The Big Show is going to go down:

Time & Place: 8:00pm, B-Box, Jan. 30, 2010
MC: Annie Woo

Performance Order:
1. Marla & Elyza: Giant Pasties
2. Sarah: Fire Fan Dance
3. Cait: Snow Princess
4. Marla: Sexy Librarian
5. Elyza: Lizard Molt
6. Rachel & Marissa: Baking & Tassel Twirl-Off
7. Katie: Parasol Dance
8. Tiff: Constellations
9. Group/Finale: Seaside Rendezvous

Peeps we need: stripper cleanup/removal! Maybe Nellie would want to do this? This person would come in after the acts and pick up the garments. Also would prepare any props for upcoming acts. Must be in costume of some sort.

Lizard molt Song Suggestion

Perhaps a bit too political lyrically... but I think "Some Like it Hot" by Dennis Brown could work. It feels molt-y to me.

I'm still thinking about our baker and librarian.



Repost from Candy Pitch.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Important Dates

10/25, Sunday, 8 PM - Costume Workshop I, Marla's studio (Bank 230)
11/8, Sunday, 8 PM - Dance Workshop, fitness center studio
11/15, Sunday, 8 PM - Costume Workshop II + hair & make up workshop, Marla's studio (Bank 230)
12/6, Sunday, 8 PM - Dance Workshop, fitness center studio
12/17, Thursday, 10 PM - FINAL MEETING for fall semester

1/18, Monday, time? - "Seaside Rendezvous" workshop/rehearsal, fitness center studio
1/24, Sunday, time? - REHEARSAL, fitness center studio
1/27, Wednesday, 10PM - REHEARSAL, fitness center studio
1/29, Friday, 10PM - REHEARSAL, BBOX!!!
1/30, Saturday, 8:00PM - THE BIG SHOW!!!

The costume workshops will allow anyone access to sewing machines and help from the group on how to make a costume. Bring any materials or sketches you have!

Dance workshops will let us work out moves together as a group. Bring music on a CD!

The final meeting will be important to make sure everyone is on the same page. After that, we won't see each other until barely two weeks before the show.

Meeting, Thursday 10/22

Just a reminder about the meeting tonight! 10:00 pm, my place, 1513 park, apt 3!

Hey y'all-

There are now just over 3 months to the show. We need to get crackin', so we're having a meeting this Thursday to make up for the one that didn't really happen this past Sunday.

There's going to be a meeting this Thursday, 10/22 at 10:05 PM at Elyza's house (1513 Park Ave, apt 3). We'll be discussing poster design for The Big Show, meetings/workshops/rehearsals/deadlines for the rest of the semester, also brainstorming for our group act to Seaside Rendezvous.

Bring your planners to take note of the workshops and meetings!

While I have you here, there will also be a Costume Workshop on Sunday, 10/25 at 8:00 PM, but we'll discuss that more at the meeting.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now you KNOW.

have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Christopher Walken preform an AMAZING strip-tease? NOW YOU KNOW:

Monday, October 19, 2009


So, I know that this is mega-late, but it still might come in handy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meeting/Movie Night

HEY! Could I actually hear back from anyone if they want to do this? If it's only a couple of people, I'll just cancel.

Also, I changed the time from 8:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Hi y'all:

So we're due again for a bi-weekly meeting on Sunday, but seeing as it's fall break and some people may be out of town, let's keep it light. Movie night at my house! 7:30 PM. I'll see if I can get "Lady of Burlesque", written by Gypsy Rose Lee, starring Barbara Stanwyck.

Bring blankets or pillows and goodies for eats and drink!

RSVP in the comments!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Name: Magnolia Whisk

Song: There's going to be two- a quicker song for the beginning of the act, (the baking portion), and then something slower, perhaps candy by big maybelle?

Act theme: Baking

I'm going to be baking something, and having a really hard time getting my shit together. I'll be wearing some kind of of house dress, and an apron, and as i asset mble ingredients i'm going to spill flour and sugar on myself, and remove my outer garmets. There will be suggestive egg cracking, and i'll move to something slower, so really, it's very simple baking and stripping.
THEN Rachel is going to bust in to my kitchen, and demand that i give her my baked goods, i'll say no, and then pull out my GIANT WHISK and beat her with it. she'll challenge me to a tassle off and we will DUEL. I want to make pasties with tiny whisks to spin.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid term Proposal

Song: I Feel It All (instrumental) or My Moon My Man-Feist. suggestions are more than welcome!

Act: Constellation themed. Character is stargazing with a person (the audience) , is upset that they cannot identify any constellations and offers to "educate" them. As I strip the costumes underneath will have different constellations on them. There will be small battery powered LED lights involved!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For those staying for Fall Break


I'm thinking "Dolly Longlegs" (like daddy longlegs) as a name. Thoughts?

Midterm Report

Name: Heavens TaBetsy

Costume: Three levels of outfit, the walking onto the stage outfit (some manner of cutoffs, cowboy boots, tied up gingham or flannel shirt), the middle outfit (cartooned above, the underbra and brown suede panties) and the under-under outfit (black fringe panties and pasties). The boots don't come off.

Music: entrance music= good bad and ugly, act music= remains to be seen

Act: interrupt Marissa's baketease, silently instigate trouble, mime a confrontation, mime challenge to a duel, take ten paces and strip to pasties, NIPPLETASSEL TWIRL-OFF.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Marla Proposal

Name: Scarlett Let-her

Act theme: Sexy Librarian
Song: TBD
Librarian comes onto stage carrying giant books. Produces giant date stamp and begins the arduous task of checking in all the books. Wipes sweat off brow, then takes a closer look at the giant stamp. With interest begins stamping on her body, revealing more as she stamps. Possibly ends up sprawled across the giant books, covered in stamps.
Name: Dixie D'Vamp
Song: Light the Match - Mirah
Act: Fan dance!

Mid Term

Still working on a name

Song: Baby It's Cold Outside - i think i'm gonna do the Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer version

I'm thinking more traditional stuff as well. So starting with a huge fur coat, and basically everything will be fur lined. Think snow princess. I still have to work out the details, but you get the idea.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mid term report

Name: Dee Flowers
Song: Pennies from heaven by Billie Holiday
Act: Sooooo after much thought I think I'm going to be sticking with a more traditional burlesque act. I'm thinking of using a parasol like so and doing a strip with that. I know I'll be wearing a corsett and pasties, elbow length gloves, and I'm still deciding on and outfit or possibly just a jacket to wear over that. I think for future shows I'll start branching out into more of a character but as of right now I'm waaaay in love with traditional burlesque sort of Dita von Teese inspired.


Midterm Report: Group Act to Seaside Rendezvous

More of a "choreographed dance with delightful costumes and hilarity ensuing with ridiculous props" then "stripstripstrip". Also, it'd probably be best to delegate responsibilities/costume making throughout the group, so we can discuss that at the next meeting or something.

costume spandex rompers (I will flat pattern and grade the sizes up out the romper Cait and I have from American apparel); floral bathing caps

props inner tubes, flippers, perhaps some light movable scenery that we could animate in the form of cardboard waves.

choreographyMaybe 1-2 people could come up with basic choreography/storyboard that we would then fine tune as a group. Perhaps at one point, half of the girls could be the "seaside" and the other half could be wooing the "seaside" ladies? Whenever you stroll along with me....

Comment with ideas and suggestions and I will add to the report!

Elyza's Midterm Report: Molting Strip

molting strip (what an ecydsiast, har har!)
So for my act, I was inspired by a bolt of fabric at Joann's (and by Rachel's kick ass suggestion). This fabric was kelly green, with a shiny, lamé-like reptilian scaly print. And it was stretchy.

costume In order of appearance: a bodysuit engineered to come off in pieces (sleeves, bodysuit, leggings) when I peel or "molt" them off. Green press on nails/perhaps some kind of elbow length glove situation, with claws at the end. Lizardy bikini, with a tail attached to the back of the bottom. A large lizard head, perhaps. I'm open to suggestions as for the neck-up portion of the costume. Ideally, I envision a large lizard head with eyes that can move independently of each other. This seems incredibly difficult, but definitely worth the effort. Maybe Cait could have some inside info on building headdresses from her experiences at nana projects. Oh! Maybe I can put my hair in a mohawk and paint my face green. Endless possibilities.

props a large rock to lounge on, and a large, proportional heating lamp. The rock could be maybe a large bean bag that I could stuff with some more batting to make it a little firmer, also recover in felt or something cheap and grey to make it rock like. As for the heat lamp, maybe use a large floor lamp or make a ridiculous looking one w/ paper mache. Man, we need an intern.

Still need to find appropriate music.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burlesque photos

Flickr burlesque group: you need to be signed in to view it, but THOUSANDS upon thousands of burlesque photos.
Don Spiro: Don Spiro does a feature on Candy Pitch and does a lot of burlesque photography I guess. Awesome.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another SVA meeting...

Hi. There's another SVA meeting that we're required to send one representative to on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - 2:30-4 p.m., Main 110. Karol also put this note in her e-mail: "I noticed that at our last meeting a few students left early or came very late; this is not acceptable. Your organization attendance will not be counted if you leave/arrive halfway through the meeting" so...if you do want to leave halfway, be discreet and don't let Karol catch you.

Who can do it?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meeting Minutes 10/4

Meeting Minutes 10/4 - For those who couldn't be there and those who forget things:

We met with Mollie and Allison from MICArotica.
Please join the MICArotica facebook page!
1. MICArotica is a new publication. They are trying to publish their first issue by the end of October which will feature stories, photos, illustrations, a sextrology column, and sexual health/advice. They hope to put out a second issue by the end of the semester. MICArotica is a FREE publication!
2. We would LOVE to do a Galhaus calendar fundraiser in collaboration with MICArotica later in the year. Perhaps as a spring semester fundraiser after The Big Show.
3. We may have a large spread in the second issue of MICArotica with character profiles to promote The Big Show.
4. For the first issue we are planning a small photo shoot and accompanying article to generate some buzz about the troupe.

PHOTO SHOOT details (check back before Thursday to see if anything has changed)
1. MICArotica will provide the photographer. Pictures will be printed in black and white.
2. Bring clip lights if you have them or fancy lights if we can get them.
3. Come in costume and makeup if you can. There is not a specific theme other than sexy.
4. The shoot is happening at MARLA'S APARTMENT 1600 Park Ave.
5. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8 at 10:00pm!

We are still holding the midterm session. There will not be an official meeting, but please post your ideas, music, costume, etc. here at the Galhaus Revue blog. We need to make sure everyone is getting ready for The Big Show on January 30th!

Friday, October 2, 2009

"And right here is a coffee bean."

Check out this delightful New York Times video that Piper Shepard just sent me:

A Life in the (Satin) Gloves

This is the article that it goes along with.

Here's a link to the Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society's web site!


If you ladies have any more completed pasties, just drop them in the mail slot of y bldg: 1600 Park Ave! Thanks!


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Mollie says the MICArotica crew should be free this weekend to meet with us if we want. Should I just see if they want to come to the meeting this sunday? Is everybody cool with that?