Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meeting, Thursday 10/22

Just a reminder about the meeting tonight! 10:00 pm, my place, 1513 park, apt 3!

Hey y'all-

There are now just over 3 months to the show. We need to get crackin', so we're having a meeting this Thursday to make up for the one that didn't really happen this past Sunday.

There's going to be a meeting this Thursday, 10/22 at 10:05 PM at Elyza's house (1513 Park Ave, apt 3). We'll be discussing poster design for The Big Show, meetings/workshops/rehearsals/deadlines for the rest of the semester, also brainstorming for our group act to Seaside Rendezvous.

Bring your planners to take note of the workshops and meetings!

While I have you here, there will also be a Costume Workshop on Sunday, 10/25 at 8:00 PM, but we'll discuss that more at the meeting.


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