Thursday, October 15, 2009

Name: Magnolia Whisk

Song: There's going to be two- a quicker song for the beginning of the act, (the baking portion), and then something slower, perhaps candy by big maybelle?

Act theme: Baking

I'm going to be baking something, and having a really hard time getting my shit together. I'll be wearing some kind of of house dress, and an apron, and as i asset mble ingredients i'm going to spill flour and sugar on myself, and remove my outer garmets. There will be suggestive egg cracking, and i'll move to something slower, so really, it's very simple baking and stripping.
THEN Rachel is going to bust in to my kitchen, and demand that i give her my baked goods, i'll say no, and then pull out my GIANT WHISK and beat her with it. she'll challenge me to a tassle off and we will DUEL. I want to make pasties with tiny whisks to spin.

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