Thursday, October 22, 2009

Important Dates

10/25, Sunday, 8 PM - Costume Workshop I, Marla's studio (Bank 230)
11/8, Sunday, 8 PM - Dance Workshop, fitness center studio
11/15, Sunday, 8 PM - Costume Workshop II + hair & make up workshop, Marla's studio (Bank 230)
12/6, Sunday, 8 PM - Dance Workshop, fitness center studio
12/17, Thursday, 10 PM - FINAL MEETING for fall semester

1/18, Monday, time? - "Seaside Rendezvous" workshop/rehearsal, fitness center studio
1/24, Sunday, time? - REHEARSAL, fitness center studio
1/27, Wednesday, 10PM - REHEARSAL, fitness center studio
1/29, Friday, 10PM - REHEARSAL, BBOX!!!
1/30, Saturday, 8:00PM - THE BIG SHOW!!!

The costume workshops will allow anyone access to sewing machines and help from the group on how to make a costume. Bring any materials or sketches you have!

Dance workshops will let us work out moves together as a group. Bring music on a CD!

The final meeting will be important to make sure everyone is on the same page. After that, we won't see each other until barely two weeks before the show.

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  1. Had to change the Big Show time to 8:00PM. Karol said so.