Sunday, October 11, 2009

Elyza's Midterm Report: Molting Strip

molting strip (what an ecydsiast, har har!)
So for my act, I was inspired by a bolt of fabric at Joann's (and by Rachel's kick ass suggestion). This fabric was kelly green, with a shiny, lamé-like reptilian scaly print. And it was stretchy.

costume In order of appearance: a bodysuit engineered to come off in pieces (sleeves, bodysuit, leggings) when I peel or "molt" them off. Green press on nails/perhaps some kind of elbow length glove situation, with claws at the end. Lizardy bikini, with a tail attached to the back of the bottom. A large lizard head, perhaps. I'm open to suggestions as for the neck-up portion of the costume. Ideally, I envision a large lizard head with eyes that can move independently of each other. This seems incredibly difficult, but definitely worth the effort. Maybe Cait could have some inside info on building headdresses from her experiences at nana projects. Oh! Maybe I can put my hair in a mohawk and paint my face green. Endless possibilities.

props a large rock to lounge on, and a large, proportional heating lamp. The rock could be maybe a large bean bag that I could stuff with some more batting to make it a little firmer, also recover in felt or something cheap and grey to make it rock like. As for the heat lamp, maybe use a large floor lamp or make a ridiculous looking one w/ paper mache. Man, we need an intern.

Still need to find appropriate music.

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