Friday, October 23, 2009

Performance Lineup

hey girlies!

As things stand, here are some details about the way The Big Show is going to go down:

Time & Place: 8:00pm, B-Box, Jan. 30, 2010
MC: Annie Woo

Performance Order:
1. Marla & Elyza: Giant Pasties
2. Sarah: Fire Fan Dance
3. Cait: Snow Princess
4. Marla: Sexy Librarian
5. Elyza: Lizard Molt
6. Rachel & Marissa: Baking & Tassel Twirl-Off
7. Katie: Parasol Dance
8. Tiff: Constellations
9. Group/Finale: Seaside Rendezvous

Peeps we need: stripper cleanup/removal! Maybe Nellie would want to do this? This person would come in after the acts and pick up the garments. Also would prepare any props for upcoming acts. Must be in costume of some sort.

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