Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meeting Minutes 10/4

Meeting Minutes 10/4 - For those who couldn't be there and those who forget things:

We met with Mollie and Allison from MICArotica.
Please join the MICArotica facebook page!
1. MICArotica is a new publication. They are trying to publish their first issue by the end of October which will feature stories, photos, illustrations, a sextrology column, and sexual health/advice. They hope to put out a second issue by the end of the semester. MICArotica is a FREE publication!
2. We would LOVE to do a Galhaus calendar fundraiser in collaboration with MICArotica later in the year. Perhaps as a spring semester fundraiser after The Big Show.
3. We may have a large spread in the second issue of MICArotica with character profiles to promote The Big Show.
4. For the first issue we are planning a small photo shoot and accompanying article to generate some buzz about the troupe.

PHOTO SHOOT details (check back before Thursday to see if anything has changed)
1. MICArotica will provide the photographer. Pictures will be printed in black and white.
2. Bring clip lights if you have them or fancy lights if we can get them.
3. Come in costume and makeup if you can. There is not a specific theme other than sexy.
4. The shoot is happening at MARLA'S APARTMENT 1600 Park Ave.
5. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8 at 10:00pm!

We are still holding the midterm session. There will not be an official meeting, but please post your ideas, music, costume, etc. here at the Galhaus Revue blog. We need to make sure everyone is getting ready for The Big Show on January 30th!

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