Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midterm Report: Group Act to Seaside Rendezvous

More of a "choreographed dance with delightful costumes and hilarity ensuing with ridiculous props" then "stripstripstrip". Also, it'd probably be best to delegate responsibilities/costume making throughout the group, so we can discuss that at the next meeting or something.

costume spandex rompers (I will flat pattern and grade the sizes up out the romper Cait and I have from American apparel); floral bathing caps

props inner tubes, flippers, perhaps some light movable scenery that we could animate in the form of cardboard waves.

choreographyMaybe 1-2 people could come up with basic choreography/storyboard that we would then fine tune as a group. Perhaps at one point, half of the girls could be the "seaside" and the other half could be wooing the "seaside" ladies? Whenever you stroll along with me....

Comment with ideas and suggestions and I will add to the report!

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