Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pasties Workshop!

hello Lovelies,

I am able to host our Pasties workshop on the 26th (as I have a NYC trip next Saturday). My house sound good to all of you? 1600 Park Ave, apt. 2! 7:30PM! Bring any decorative ribbon, beads, sequins, and other snazzy items you might want to use. And snacks.

Also, Paco Fish was interested in attending. Any objections to that? Lemme know!


  1. I'll be coming home from boston that night around 8, so I probably won't be in Bolton hill till 8:45/9pm =( can we push it to sunday perhaps?

  2. How about we also have a Pasties Workshop, part II on Sunday? This way it will also let people who can't make it on Saturday learn how to make pasties, and we can all spend the day collectively make pasties together for the fundraiser. I think that would be more fun to make them as a group than sending everyone out into the world to make pasties on their own time, anyway. We can rent some movies too!

    I can host the one on Sunday, 11 AM - 6/7 PM? Or whenever we feel like quitting.

  3. Saturday should be good for me I'll talk to Nellie too and see if she is up for it

  4. Oh wait, I just remembered I'm going to a christening on Sunday the 27th. Well. I guess Pasties Workshop part II is cancelled!

  5. I may have a friend visiting the night of the pastie making workshop, you guys don't mind if she tags along right? She's visiting MICA for the weekend, because she might transfer here. I'm sure she's be down to help us make some pasties too!