Monday, September 28, 2009


Totally forgot to mention this last night. I talked to Mollie Little about MICArotica, and she is totally into working with us. She said she'd like to do a few publications this semester, but it may just be the one. So the question is, Do we want to try to get something in before the Big Show, to advertise? Or would we rather do a post-show thing next semester?

Also, any ideas for what we would like to do? Maybe a little info about burlesque/why we do it/who we are, and then some photos?


  1. I think a pre-show feature would be a good way to build a buzz or just get our name out there.

    Does Mollie have a more specific-ish date as to when they are going to do the publication this semester?

  2. "Hey, Yeah we do, the deadline for submissions is October 5th. Allison and I think the photo shoot idea is a great idea, we'll have to meet up and discuss!


    So its soon, but I feel like we can pull something together. Does anybody else want to be in on a meeting with them?