Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lingerie collection photoshoot

Hi ladies-

So di[e]ce boutique is putting out a line of lingerie for early next year and Shabdiece (owner/my boss) is looking for models for the photo shoot. From what I understand, the shoot will be used in advertising for the store. She plans on doing the shoot sometime in December - she said maybe the last week of December, or maybe earlier, but definitely in December. Shabdiece said she'd definitely be interested in using any of the fine mica burlesque troupe ladies if they are interested.

If you think you may be interested (we're making sweet vintage inspired lingerie from vintage clothing in the store), let me know what your availability for the month of December.


PS. Marla-Joe from gutter magazine is going to be the photographer.


  1. do you think we'll get paid at all, or is it more of a volunteer type thing?

  2. I AM SO IN. I go back dec. 20. to return Dec. 27.

  3. Either way I'm down, I'm probably leaving the 18th, and I'll be good to stop down to Baltimore that last week of December, except for new years eve/new years

  4. I am in toooooo! Pretty much after finals I'm good I'm around the area