Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Couple of thangs...

Dr. Sketchy's is looking for someone to model for them on Mon. Jan. 25! I'd do it, but I have class. They're interested in having one of us to help promote the show. So, come on, ladies! Step up!


Also, please post your prop list if you haven't yet.

AND... I have a black petticoat that I don't want. Does anyone need one for their act?

hope breaks are going well!



  1. Hmm... when do they need to know by? I would love to do it but I'm trying to realistically forecast how freaked/stressed I will be by then. So I'm not sure.

  2. I've actually never been to dr sketchy's. How long does it normally last, and how long are poses? costume changes? Just trying to get a feel.

    I'll have to see what my thesis schedule is like that day i'll keep you posted.

  3. I've never been either but they have information for prospective models on their blog:


  4. Drawing starts at 7:00pm and usually goes for 3 hours, i think. They start with short poses in segments. Then they move on to longer poses and there's contests that the model gets to help judge! 20 minutes max per pose, most are shorter if I remember correctly. You get tip money (plus pay?).

    Hell, I don't have class, maybe I'll do it.

  5. It sounds super fun. I'll be out of class in time if you need me!

  6. No pay, so everything you make is in tips. Email the Dr. Sketchy's peeps if you're interested; just make sure they know you're fron the GalHaus.