Saturday, January 9, 2010

final dress rehersal

Our dress rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, 1/29, 7:00PM. We will run through the whole show as if it was the real thang, costumes and all.

We're still looking for 1 person to do our spot light and 1 person to run our music cues. If you know ANYONE who may be willing to do this, let me know their contact info so I can ask them about it. These people will need to be at the final dress rehearsal on Friday so they can learn the cues. They will be welcome to come party with us after the show.

Our darling friends Maria and Steve have agreed to sell the tickets and work the door for us!

We also still need people to volunteer to help set up the chairs and risers and stage earlier on Friday. So far I have Katie and Cait. Kel said it should take about 2 hours for chairs and 2 hours for the stage, but I'm sure the more people we have the quicker it'll get done. If you aren't free all day, then post what times you are available that Friday and we will see what the best times are for everyone (I'm free after 3:45!)


  1. I'm free on Friday after 3:45 as well.

  2. I'm down for Friday. I have class in the morning.