Thursday, December 17, 2009

choreography break it DOWN:

new shit after the asteriks!!

Choreography refresher!
We enter in this order: Elyza, Tiff, Katie, Marissa, Cait, Sarah, Marla, Rachel

Written breakdown of choreography:
-3 counts of 8: run in. Stand w/ hand on hip, legs straight.
-4 counts: bend at the knees
-4 counts: turn to center
-8 counts: swimming!
-4 counts: snorkel down
-4 counts: snorkel up
-4 counts: baby steps into a straight line
-4 counts: hand waving and bend down
-16 counts: each girl turns for 2 counts each
-8 counts: butt wiggle
-8 counts: step & stir forward
-8 counts: step & stir back
-3 counts 8: circle train!
-8 counts: pose!
-4 counts: down to ground
-4 counts: end w/ legs in the air

-4 counts: open legs
-4 counts: close legs
-2 counts cross, 2 counts open
-2 counts cross, 2 counts open
-8 counts crazy legs doodoodolodoodoo
-8 counts alternating up & down legs (odds start up, evens start down; 2 counts for up/down, 2 counts up/down, etc)
-8 counts everyone alternates their legs, starting with right (1 count per leg)
-16 counts of left legs going down, 2 counts per person
[Marissa points in shock at the shark on the second 3-4]
-16 counts running in chaos, finding your spot in the V
-4 counts of continued horror
-4 counts of settling into hands on hips, facing each other
-8 counts jazz hands + leg extensions
-4 counts jazz hands + leg extension
-4 counts "sunrise"(?) arms and leg extended
-8 counts Marissa & Cait walk back
-8 counts Katie & Sarah walk back
-8 counts Tiff & Marla walk back
-8 counts Elyza & Rachel meet in the middle, high give, EVERYONE TURN ON 7-8
-4 counts Marissa & Cait step out, turn heads
-4 counts Katie & Sarah step out, turn heads
-4 counts Tiff & Marla step out, turn heads
-4 counts Elyza & Rachel step out, turn heads
-4 counts bring your "inside" leg in, while turning body twds audience
-4 counts "sunrise arms", hands on hips
-4 counts Elyza & Rachel bend
-2 counts Tiff & Marla pose (?)
-2 counts Katie, Sarah, Marissa, & Cait pose (?)
-8 counts everyone forming the arch way
-8 counts Marissa & Cait walk forward
-8 counts Katie & Sarah walk forward
-8 counts Tiff & Marla walk forward
-8 counts Elyza & Rachel walk forward
-8 counts POSE (odds are up; evens are down)
-8 counts POSE (odds are down; evens are up)
-4 counts TURN AROUND!
-4 counts LOWER ROMPER! gorgeous faces over yo' shoulders!
"give me a kiss" *DA DUM DUM*

HOT HOT HOT. Remember, point yo' toes!


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