Monday, December 14, 2009

Choreography refresher!

We enter in this order: Elyza, Tiff, Katie, Marissa, Cait, Sarah, Marla, Rachel

Written breakdown of choreography:
-3 counts of 8: run in. Stand w/ hand on hip, legs straight.
-4 counts: bend at the knees
-4 counts: turn to center
-8 counts: swimming!
-4 counts: snorkel down
-4 counts: snorkel up
-4 counts: baby steps into a straight line
-4 counts: hand waving and bend down
-16 counts: each girl turns for 2 counts each
-8 counts: butt wiggle
-8 counts: step & stir forward
-8 counts: step & stir back
-3 counts 8: circle train!
-8 counts: pose!
-4 counts: down to ground
-4 counts: end w/ legs in the air

Yay! I think this is accurate, but I may be mistaken in the step & stir counts. Is it 4 or 8 in each direction?


  1. the last bit is:

    -4 counts: down to the ground
    -4 counts: hands on the ground
    -4 counts: elbows to ground
    -2 counts: knees up
    -2 counts: legs up


  2. and its 8 in each direction i believe

  3. Cait, thank goodness we have you. Otherwise it'd just be 340 counts of us running around in chaotic cirles.