Sunday, December 6, 2009


AMAZING meeting ladies! I sent a video to all of you on facebook with me counting 8-beats over the first half of the song, including the full instrumental part.

Here's da minutes in case you forgot (OMG I JUST FOUND OUT HOW TO DO BULLETED LISTS ON BLOGGER):

  • costume production: Elyza = bodysuits (four red, four navy, sparkly spandex), Sarah = flowery swim caps
  • set? do we still want to do some cardboard waves? like two identical ones? do we need them?
  • I sent to all of your facebooks a video I made of me counting 8-beats over the first half of the song, and I stopped it after the full instrumental part. The instrumental part goes for 10 eight counts. Mahla Pahkah- will you post your notes on the choreography?
  • another workshop? could y'all post your availabilities for the next two weeks and we can see if we can work on the dance one more time?
  • I honestly can not STOP practicing what we already have done!! I have probably done it over 30 times just this morning! It's so cute and so much fun and I'm SO PROUD OF US!!
  • Marissa or Rachel, you said you could do this yah? Info on it should probably just be something like "The GalHaus Revue presents: THE BIG SHOW! 8 PM, tickets $5"
  • ask Nellie, Genya, and/or Maria if they would be willing to do it? Tickets go on sale at 4pm; show's at 8pm; we will also need 1-2 people at the doors to take/rip tickets. So maybe it will be good to have more than one or two people.
  • as soon as I get the files from Justin, I'll print out the posters (how many do you think we'll need? we can also always print more after break) and order postcards.
  • PRESS RELEASE - Marla will write it up, deal with Events Office?
4. final write up on your act!!!
  • This NEEDS to be done ASAP. Once you are done with finals, get it all down and post it up here. It's important not just so you know what you're doing and what you need to make /practice over the break, but also so that Annie will know what our acts our like and how she can segway between acts.
  • What you need to write: SPECIFIC details of how the routine plays out; what your costume is, how they come off; any additional PROPS (and will they already be onstage?); post the youtube video of your song if possible; music cues (will you be on stage when the song starts? do you want the song to start and then you walk on?) any lighting cues (are you starting from black out? starting with all lights on? spot light? this information will also be necessary to pass on to the BBOX technicians).
Over break, PLEASE, it's important to keep up with the blog!! I'll do my best to send out e-mails if there's something SUPER important, but keep up with the blog and keep everyone updated on what you're up to over break. Post photos of your costume, any videos you might have of you practicing your routine. Find people to practice in front of (yikes) if you can, practice in front of the mirror, listen to the song over and over.

When we get back from break, you should be ready to practice, with your costume, with your music, in front of the group, and also other people. Seriously.

We will post up a rehearsal schedule once we find out the availability of the fitness center. But we DO have an already confirmed FULL DRESS REHEARSAL in the BBOX the night before, 1/29/2010, at 10 PM.




  1. My availability:

    Thur 12/10: after 9:45pm
    Sat 12/12: MAYBE during the daytime
    Sun 12/13: MAYBE during the daytime
    Mon 12/14: after 6 pm
    Tue 12/15: after 9:45 pm
    Wed 12/16: after 5pm
    Thu 12/17: after 9:45 pm (though it will prob be earlier that night)

  2. Wednesday 12/9: after 3pm
    Thursday 12/10: after 9:45pm
    Friday 12/11: after 3pm
    Saturday 12/12: free all day but i need to go around 6 to pick up my art market stuff
    Sunday 12/13: during the day i'm free
    Monday 12/14: after 3pm
    Tuesday 12/15: after 10pm
    Wednesday 12/16: after 6:45pm
    Thursday 12/17: same, 9:45 but could be earlier

  3. I've got the swim caps covered, Elyza!

    Thursday 12/10-Saturday 12/12: no. not happening
    Sunday: after 2
    Monday: before 4, after 7
    Tuesday: before 1, after 4
    Wednesday: after 7
    Thursday: after 10, maybe. I have a weaving critique the next day.